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Dalian Dongfang Yipeng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Source:  Writer:  Time Distribution:2015-5-14

Dalian Dongfang Yipeng Equipment Manufacture Co. ltd is located in lvshun district, Dalian City of Liaoning Province, covers a total area of 158000 square meters(including 12000 square meters of building for research and development office and apartment, and 49000 square meters of workshop). Now DFYP has developed into a new large manufacturer of pressure vessel, featuring the advantages of several major domestic competitors, with a total employee up to 1000,260 of them are backbones in the field of management, technology and production.

The production capacity of DFYP has exceeded 373000 tons since 2012, which including 24,000 tons pressure vessel, 3,500 tons parts for petrochemical equipments and 9,800 tons parts for shipbuilding and ocean engineering. With an annual output over 8,500 million yuan, DFYP has entered into the top three large position in lvshun district.

In order to improve the quality of pressure vessel to meet the requirements of customers of both domestic and abroad to key equipment, and to enhance the competitiveness, DFYP invests heavily in equipment upgrading, modification and new equipment. Now the equipment capacity of DFYP has reached the advanced level of domestic industry. Main equipments are: plate rollers for thickness up to 250mm, 120mm and 40mm, 12m plate edge planer, narrow gap SAW welding machine, nozzle to shell saddle type narrow gap SAW welding machine, imported weld overlay machine, small diameter pipe inside weld overlay machine, self-made all kinds of crane with capacity up to 300 tons, 5m and 10m vertical lathe, 200mm NC boring machine, 4m×4m NC deep hole drilling machine, 6MeV linear accelerator, 6m×6.5m×25 m large furnace. DFYP also establishes welding laboratory, NDE room and physical and chemical laboratory to meet the requirements of various tests, analysis and control.

DFYP has never stopped developing new technology and new products. Based on the very mature experience in the fabrication and design of Cr-Mo steel, low temperature steel, austenitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel, dual phase steel, composite plate and nonferrous pressure vessels, DFYP has completed the upgrading of its production structure and contracted a variety of products, such as, 2.25Cr-1Mo-0.25V hot wall hydrogenated reactor, cold/hot high pressure separator, gasifier, large diameter breech lock type heat exchanger and diagram seal heat exchanger, hydrotreating reactor, convertor, synthesis tower, reboiler, etc. which greatly improves its competitiveness. Some of the products of DFYP have won various awards, including:  Chinese Market Quality Product, Liaoning Province Famous Innovation. And DFYP has also ever been awarded the Best Integrity Enterprise, the Hundred Outstanding Enterprises, Hundred Credit Enterprises, Dalian Credit Enterprises and Dalian Harmonious labour Relations Enterprise.

In addition, in recent years DFYP continued to open up overseas markets, has, cooperated with abroad famous company, fabricated a large plate bundle heat exchanger with a total heating area over 10000 square meters for reforming unit. And signed a contract for exporting a large column to Argentina. Its products has been recognized by foreign customers.

DFYP people are establishing monuments in the history of the development of the industry by the actions and performances, and has won the trust of both domestic and overseas customers. Facing the opportunities provided by rapid economic development, DFYP will always and never forget to seek the great satisfaction of customers by perfect products and best services. Oriented the future development, DFYP will, under the care of Lvshun Government, supported by favorable policies and help from different friends, continue to adhere to operating with virtue and morality, to manufacturing by precise controlling, being the most trustable enterprise and providing the most trustable products.

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Ministry Of Commerce Of China
aState Administration of Taxation
Supply Chain Council
Key Equip Office, China Machinery Industry Federation
China General Machinery Industry Association
China Petroleum & Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association
Jiangsu Association of Petrochemical Equipment
Research Ins. of Economics and Tech, Sinopec
Research Ins. of Economics and Tech, CNPC
Roc Oil
Exxon Mobil
Changqing Oilfield
Beijing Petroleum Machinery Factory
Baoji Oilfield Machinery
Honghua Group
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Forenergy  Inspection

China Sufa

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Jinneng Law Firm
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Import & Export Bank of China
Chaoda Valve
China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau
Shanghai Lankelec
NOV Tuboscope
Henan Tianfon Energy-saving Panel Co.,ltd
VETZ Valve

Sinopec Oilfield Service Corporation

Dialog Group

AMEC China

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1.Oil equipment, accessories


2.Steel pipe, valves, wellhead equipment etc 


3.heat exchangers, pressure vessels, towers, reactors, steel model, and bulk materials (valves, fittings etc)


4.Upstream exploration materials and equipment


5.Project supplies


6.Upstream construction and operation equipment, supplies, services


7.Petrochemical, chemical industry related products


8.Steel, equipment, piping materials etc


9.Oilfield equipment and materials


10.Oil equipment, pipes, and other refining equipment


11.Oil and gas projects supplies,equipment and products


12.Oil and gas refining and chemical supplies


13.Pressure vessels, structures (such as various brackets, rails, grille, aluminum structure etc), plumbing, electrical instruments, internal outfitting,rope for anchor


14.Petrochemical materials


15.Fittings, flanges, seals and other MRO materials, pipeline, construction equipment, I / E


16.Steel, pipe fittings, valves and other oil supplies


17.Pipe Lines, OCTGs, Drilling Chemicals, Valves, Pressure Vessels, Cables etc


18.Upstream construction and operation equipment,supplies, services


19.Steel, pipe fittings, valves, corrosion products, electrical power equipment etc


20.Equipment and materials


21.Steel, bulk material of electrical instrumentation , cables, polyvinyl fluoride, safety equipment, building decoration, water treatment systems, control panels, generators, lifting machines, cranes, hoses, hose fittings  


22.Equipment and materials


23.Oil and gas gathering and transportation, oil and gas processing, long-distance pipelines, offshore engineering, petroleum refining, petrochemical, oil and gas reservoirs and other large projects supplies


24.Petrochemical, textile and chemical fiber, coal chemical industry, environmental engineering, construction and other project materials


25.Petroleum Machinery,equipment and material


26.Pipes and valves and other products


27.Fittings, valves, refractory


28.Steel, pipe fittings, valves etc.


29.Oil and gas projects supplies,equipment and products


30.Oil equipment, accessories


31.Steel pipe, valves, wellhead equipment etc 

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